We have been conducting various programs to encourage developmentally handicapped people to lead independent lives in society. There are three main areas of activities.

1.Medical Programs

We have medical clinics to support the community life of developmentally disabled children and adults, and not only can they attend the clinic but also ask for occasional house calls. Medical preprograms are conducted from two clinics: the Oji clinic has been in operation for 10 years, and the Akabane Branch has opened since February 2001.


2.Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation programs are the bases of our association. We provide guidance and counseling for those children with various developmental disabilities. We work closely with each family to tackle their difficulties in physical exercise, cognition, language learning and achieving an independent life. At the start, most of the children attending were infants, but today we can accommodate wider age groups, from infants to young adults. We also opened "Classroom for Young Adult" for graduates of our rehabilitation programs to provide quality recreation. When we started in 1976, there were 18 children who attended our rehabilitation program, but the number has been increasing to more than 600 children in 2000.
Rehabilitation programs are run at four guidance rooms. Each room has its individual characteristics, but the aim of the all four rooms is one: to help them achieve independent life in various ways in future.


3.Educational programs

We conduct publishing, training and research programs. From the publishing section, we produce a monthly journal "Hattatsu Kyoiku (Developmental Education)", as well as books and educational videos. We also run summer seminars and offer lectures on theories and physical exercises every year. These programs are mainly run by the Planning and Public Relations Department.
We also dispatch our staff as lecturers to other organizations and facilities upon request. We provide more than 50 lectures to the public and educational body. We also conduct counseling at about 300 kindergartens and clubs in 5 wards in Tokyo. Specialists or students interested in our activities are welcomed to tour around or work as intern.


*Programs for Young Adults and Grownups

We have been running a small workshop for young adults and grownups to provide aid for employment and to develop technical skills. In 2001, when the law changed, it was granted the status of a social welfare foundation, and became an independent public-service corporation "Sazanka no Kai" Workhouse Pegasus.

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